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My name is Angelus.
Iván Angelus.

Born in 1953. I may seem old to start a new site now BUT if you consider how many plans I have, and the fact that my dad died at the age of 108 and my mom at 103, you might understand why I feel necessary to create I created and edited several sites for several years but this is my very first site of my own! Great feeling!

After a very happy childhood I worked as an actor in Orfeo group called later Studio “K” theatre and played little roles in big films. From 1979 I dedicated my life to contemporary dance that was acknowledged among others by life achievement awards of the Independent Performing Artists’ Association in 201x and the Laban Price Curatorium in 2021. My last “job” is the rectorship of Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy since 2004.

Please find in this new page my actual and upcoming projects and the archive of the finalised ones. Use my search tool to find contents, write an e-mail to contact me, and find all related legal, financial, etc. information.

The language will be Hungarian or English or both or mixed. Use DeepL Translator if necessary and/or feel free to mail me for help.