Let me suggest a very simple programme: 5 days without phone, food, verbal communication with anyone.
You may need it sometimes !

This week
after careful preparation
– we drink spring water only,
– do not eat,
– do not talk,
– do not contact with our everyday world.

Arrival: Sunday morning to evening.
Departure: Saturday morning to evening.
On Sunday evening and Monday morning, those who wish can participate a sharing experience with a good tea.

Why do You need the Creation Garden? Why do You need me? You don’t, unless you have never done something like this before and need help, surveillance, safety, You need a calm and isolated space for these days.

At 9am and 6pm, you can participate in a simple, short (20-40 minutes) – 8 brocades, chi kong, tai chi based – practice, that can be done by anyone in their own way, who wants to. I lead this practice with no verbal instruction.

I’ll walk out to the neighbouring forest every day for a 1-2 hour walk, mushroom picking, as time and mushrooms will permit. Anyone who wants to, can join me, those who wish to wander on their own, may get an air tag and if you are not home by dark, I can find you.

Would You have questions or problems at any time (0-24), You can let me know and I will do my best to resolve the situation, if necessary with the help of my standby professional advisors. The local way to notify me is by “stone/ring-mail” – I will show you the details in time.

If you want to stay a few hours or even a day longer, it is OK. Follow-up consultation is included. Regular returns will be supported.

By the time the idleness begins, there would be nothing left to clarify, we will discuss all the details beforehand at the time of registration:

Which of the available houses, rooms or tents would you choose?
What preparation and return methods can be helpful for a fast of at least five days.
What to expect during the days of preparation, emptying, rest and return?
Closest date: 11 – 17 September 2022.
The full programme costs 75,000 HUF. Non-refundable Advance payment is required. Pay by bank transfer or cash to register. Accept this or bargain if you don’t have that much. Feel free to support if you can afford.

Fill in the application form and I will contact you.

Iván Angelus
+36 30 9 323 155


Iván, You should write: what is it for?
It depends on your own motivation. Some are looking for answers, some are looking for questions.

Is there a deadline for applications?
Not really.

As it is worth taking at least as much time for preparation and return as for the fast itself, it is worth committing yourself about that much earlier.

Why are you so sure about all of this?
Because I have been fasting at least twice a year for at least thirty years.

I have never done exactly the same. I build on experience. On thorough preparation. The personal connection. The autonomy of the participants, your responsible presence. On my doctor and psychologist friends who, when needed – I don’t expect such a situation, but when needed – will help as needed.

And the fasting?
Fasting is for adults. Fasting is an adult responsibility.

Isn’t it risky?
Like everything else, fasting has risks, and in certain conditions or with certain illnesses or tendencies it is expressly forbidden or contraindicated. Pregnancy, breast-feeding, being too young, epilepsy, diabetes… absolute exclusions. In the case of blood circulation, digestion, psychiatric illnesses… a written medical opinion is required, stating the compatibility and risks. In case of the slightest doubt, a medical statement based on a substantive preliminary opinion is required.

Isn’t that difficult?
It can be difficult. You’re hungry for the first three days, then you think, “Yeah, I’m fasting, that’s why I’m hungry.” We have no choice but to listen to the “voice of our body” and obey. This week we are not dictated by our tasks, we listen inwardly. And that is rather easy.

Liquid intake?
In the Creation Garden, only service water flows from the taps, we don’t drink it. So it’s easy to check how much of our spring water bottle has been consumed. With no soup, no hot and cold drinks, no fruit, our daily fluid needs of around 3 litres are met by drinking water alone. This is something to watch out for!

Weight loss?
Fasting is not about loosing weight!
In my experience, a well-prepared and well-executed 5-day fast results in a weight loss of 3-5 kilos, but I ‘put it back on’ within a few days. The weight loss is partly due to the fasting itself, it comes back within a few days/weeks once the fasting meal ends. IF fasting does not involve a lifestyle change! But it can! Just as we can hear the soft voices in great silence, after fasting it is easier to hear the subtle messages of the body behind the loud commands of habit. I don’t know, I feel, exactly what I want and don’t want. I ask back and forth: are you sure this is what I want? am I sure I still want it? am I sure now? shouldn’t I?… as long as I follow this quiet voice I remain physiologically more balanced.

No harm?

Not too radical?
Yes! It’s very radical. But it is effective. Gentle shock.
Let’s break it into two parts: during and after. In the days after the evacuation, there are almost no difficulties, but more “best moments”. Afterwards, even in the context of the eating habits just described, we can better choose the most appropriate time, amount, proportion, direction, harmony of rest, work, movement, by looking inward in other areas of life. Then the guidance may fade and another fast may become necessary. This may be different and better adapted to individual needs. Then it will be decided what is better for each.

Will it happen for sure?
Yes. We already have one applicant! Me! Yes it definitely will happen.

When  is the next time!
Apply and we will agree.

Ask me.
I’ll answer

?? ??