Rezidencia, alkotóház, szállás, workshop színhely / Residencies, creative shelter, accommodation, workshop venue

Creative garden is a private property with facilities and programs of public benefit.
Part of the programs are self initiated, one can get informed through this site.
Other initiatives are application/request based.

Please fill the facility query and I will create an offer based on your purpose, needs, resources. We may offer a discount or ask for an extra support to Creative Garden.

Please see the table below or in a google spreadsheet.

to rent description season €/day
Rehearsal Tent 15m * 10m sprung floor, audio May-October 200
Tai Chi Garden 15m * 10m flat grass All year round 100
Icosahedron All year round 10
Summer Kitchen tables and banks to sit 24 ps
Summer Kitchen wood fired iron-plate, oven 40
Summer Kitchen cook/helper – suggested 40
Bath Palace toilet, hand wash, shower June-September 25
Roof 1-2 hammocks OR 1-2 cars All year round 5
1 Store House four bedrooms 2+2+2+1=7ps + 3 extra beds, kitchen, bathroom, 2 toilets, terrace All year round 12+12/p
20/day firewood
New House king size bed, queen size canape, bed linen (2+2=4 ps) kitchen, bathroom, viewterrace All year round 40+15/p
20/day firewood
Wooden house 1+4 mattresses on two levels with a scenic view,
with no water related services.
June-September 10+7/p
Tents for 2 with 2 mattresses and bed linen June-September 7+7/p

Please write for more info